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this is a real picture of me too, and brianna. it was in eigth grade. im the one with dark hair  
in the winter when everything died we brought it back to life by studying color in art class. on of our first assignments was to make a color wheel with primary secondary and terciary colors, but make it out of random object we either found magazine clippings of or something of the such - but it had to be in a spefic catigory. my catigory was food, and i printed these pictures of my computer and realizing how gradually the colors changes i set them out on the table hexagon like that. if it wasn'  
i wrote/drew this in study hall about a boy i treated like i loved, becuase i didn't let him love me  
this is my famous "cheese" which decorates the wall of my bedroom ; ) its not accually cheese though, i just didnt feel like throwing my gum out, so i stuck it on my wall  
Yo dats me yo dog and I play GTA5 but I wish they had t-swizzle on da radio but yo dog I go bam bam bam L1 in mah car and da po-po come on in aftah me. I get a suit for my dogs Michael and Franklin at plosybynblahnlah. Yo days me I play some GTA5  
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