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Sorry about that! Seems some goblins got into the Quibblo servers and broke the announcements for the winners of Quiz Contest #48 and Writing Contest #43. So, Quibblonians, in lieu of announcing these separately, we're announcing both at once. Congratulations to the winners, and high tens to all who entered. Great job!

Writing Contest #48 Winners

Marfabu (for Perfection) PerpetuallyConfused (for The Skies Above) StarshipAlaska (for Her Name Is Not Hope)
Honorable (Writing) Mentions
Ravering (for Another One of Us) TimeSlowsButNeverStops (for Little Pleasures)
Quiz Contest #48 Winners (see topic)
rainbowcrayon (for What Disney Dog are You?) TheRoseJuice (for Which one of the five senses are you?) Rollic (for Which Roald Dahl book are you?)
Honorable (Quiz) Mentions
Creative_dark_mind (for What Lifetime Movie Are You?) Sedwich (for What city are you?)

See this post for all the contest details, including winner selection.

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