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Contest Ends Sunday!

Quibblo Writing Contest #43

Another flash fiction writing contest for you. (Sorry but stories of more than 600 words will be rejected.)

Write a short but complete piece of fiction (with a beginning, middle, and end) using the image to the right as inspiration. Now, go!

Read and rate the current entries

Give it an interesting title (don't include "Quibblo's Contest," "QC," or similar), and remember to:

  • See this page for flash fiction writing tips.
  • Add double spaces between paragraphs, for readability
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Tag it with WC43
  • Share it with all your friends, both on and off Quibblo

On July 29, we'll select three winners to showcase on the Quibblo home page. Now, tell us the story!

By the way, we already have many entries so also take a look at these and rate and comment! (Ratings and number of comments go into our formula for selecting winners.)

Deadline: 11:59 pm (EST), Sunday, July 27, 2014.

Writing Contest #42 Winners (see topic)

(for Shallow Waters)
(for I Remember)
(for Poisoned Salvation)
(for Clear As The Night Sky)

See this post for the details on how winners are selected.

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