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About Quibblo

Quibblo is a fun survey, poll and quiz site, where you can:

  • Easily make your own quiz
  • Take fun quizzes by other members
  • Share quizzes with friends
  • Embed quizzes on your MySpace, blog, Facebook or any other page on the internet.

Taking Quizzes

Quibblo is full of quizzes made my Quibblo users!

Find quizzes by browsing the list of popular quizzes, or searching for quizzes about anything you like.

After you take a quiz, you can rate it, add comments, or add it to your favorites list.

Making Quizzes

Any Quibblo member can create their own quizzes. When you make your own quiz, thousands of other people can take it. And Quibblo quizzes are fun and easy to make!

Just enter:

  • The title of your quiz, survey or poll
  • The questions you want to ask and the answer choices.

Sharing Quizzes on Your Site

You can share and embed Quibblo quizzes almost anywhere!

  • Blogs
  • MySpace, Facebook & other Social Networks
  • Message boards, groups, and forums

It's super-easy to embed and share Quibblo quizzes, and you don't need to know HTML!

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